We select Top class Banks, ECN and Non-bank liquidity pools in each of our technical solutions. We provide complete set of package with the best liquidity service.
    Software and system tools for live information of Forex, Gold, Stock Index, Margin with Top trader’s trends. Used easily to have top traders’live casting and one-stop trading services.
  • White-label Service
    One stop MT4/5 System white-label service. Broker easy to be!

City Wealth Markets Limited is a New Zealand Financial Technology company who focus on trading markets among organisations, we provide solid technology supports and solutions for financial assets which trading through Internet.

The most powerful place for financial technology and AI are to quickly analyses the massive amounts of data and make rational judgements. Those three points are precisely the weakest link in the human brain so we recognize the technology can liberate people at those points and save time on more valuable opportunity judgements, decisions and logical analysis. City Wealth has the experience and exploration in such service and is willing to provide solutions to financial institutions with technical supports to expand their business and improve efficiency, enhance services so that the clients in this new environment to reach the strategic upgrade.

City Wealth also provides and mobilises rare capital, knowledge and long-term partnerships to help them crack down on constraints and challenges in areas such as Finance, Infrastructure, Employee skills and regulatory environments with advanced high-quality software programs. Our customers can quickly access and manage their own trading accounts anywhere in the world.